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Why are parts of my images missing?

At MyPhoto we try to make your ordering process as simple as possible, that's why we show you how your image will crop when you select your images.  What's even better is that it's really easy to change which part of your image crops, if any at all.


If you have already cropped your image, you may find the size you require could be a different ratio to your cropped version and potentially lose important parts of your photo.  We strongly advise printing from uncropped images as you can tweak the cropping and zoom in, whilst using our ordering system and in store kiosks.  


The images below demonstrate the areas that you will lose when printing the size selected, from an image taken at a 3:4 ratio.  

You can also see how this image will crop when ordered at different sizes and what happens when you try to print from square photos.

The Original - 6x8" 


7x5" - Just a smidge is cropped from the top and bottom 

10x8" - You just lose a little from the sides

6x4" - You lose a litte more at this size, best check heads

If you start with a square photo, then it is particularly important to check your cropping as most photo sizes are rectangular.

Please keep in mind that not all devices are set up to take photos at the same ratio, so your cropping may differ dependant on device and how the device has been set up.

Want to know more about aspect ratio & cropping? Check out this article by It's always Autumn 

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